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Statement is London-based tech startup. The product is created to help small and medium-sized business owners to find the right payment provider for their business, make a process of choosing a provider easy and stress free.


How did it start?

Olivia and Ed - founders of the product have a huge experience working in tech and they have experienced the struggle in finding a good payment provider. They were stuck in long-term contracts with high fees, not perfect UX, and had many other problems. There must be many other business owners experiencing the same problem they thought. That is how the idea for creating Statement came up.

I joined them as a product designer to dive deeper in the problems and understand how we can help the users.


Statement - is a way to simplify business owners’ life dealing with payments. It’s a product that analyzes the detailed information about one’s business and shows the most suitable payment providers. So business owners can significantly cut their costs and reduce stress when working with payments.


I’ve stated my research by conducting interviews. 5 people were interviewed and 8 more have completed the survey. This gave me a lot of useful insights and most of our assumptions can be proved.

What was discovered?

Main problems people face with payment providers:

  1. High fees burning a big part of revenue
  2. Not very flexible UX, confusing experience, sometimes bad UI as well
  3. Hard to find objective reasons to switch (lack of info)
  4. No knowledge in working with providers (sometimes payments in general)
  5. They don’t know what solution they need (whether this is payment provider or something else)
Users' quotes (each user has their own colour)

Affinity mapping

I would like to switch to another provider to reduce fees.

It’s hard to find objective reasons to choose a provider

Costs in the food industry are high

Competitor Research

The next step  was analyzing competitors. I was going through each of them as a business owner who’s trying to find a payment provider, analyzing user flows, UX and both UI.

What was discovered?
  1. Most of them don’t give the final result (payment provider list) in the end of the journey and you need to call or email an agent to find out what your results are.
  2. They all have the same questions which are not customized so the result can’t be precise and 100% suitable for your specific needs.
  3. A lot of time is wasted since the calls take a lot of time and still there’s no certain information given to make a good decision
  4. UI of the those products is very old-fashioned and not user-friendly in most cases

UX Frameworks - which and why

I was using a couple of frameworks and techniques to structure the data I’d received from research to improve my understanding of users needs and solutions we can offer to them:

  1. Business Lean Canvas Model - to understand the business better not only from user side but also commercial
  2. Affinity mapping and synthesis - using user interviews and their quotes to define the main problems and divide them into groups (e.g High fees, Not flexible UX, lack of knowledge)
  3. User personas - I have created 3 personas - 3 user groups based on the research. They are: Experienced business owner, Newbie in payments, Manager. This was done to understand the difference between their needs and design the main user flow suitable for each of them.
  4. User stories - for each user group a few user stories were created to understand better their specific needs.
  5. User journey maps - I have created 2: the first - the current situation without Statement, + our opportunities and things that should be improved, the second - user journey map when users use Statement.
  6. User flows - for defining the flows for the main features and how the product should work for each user group.

Business Lean Canvas
Personas (User groups)

User stories

User journey map (without Statement)

User journey map (using Statement)

Main user flows

Design process

Low-fidelity wireframes

I’ve started design process from low-fidelity wirerames since at this stage it’s very convenient and fast to make tweaks to the flow after discussing and showing them to Olivia and Ed + testing with users later.

What can users do in the product?
  1. Enter their details manually or by uploading their merchants statements
  2. Get the most suitable providers list based on the data they’ve provided
  3. Get the detailed breakdown of each provider to have more information for consideration
  4. Sign up for the provider inside the app, no third parties involved
  5. Get recommendations for payment solution (those who are not experinces and don’t know exactly what they need)
  6. More features will be added after the MVP is launched

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Final Design and Design System

After the wireframes were tested and approved the high fidelity designs together with design system were designed.

The conclusion

The current version of the product is MVP version so we can launch the product, run testing, get more interviews and improve existing design. More features such as educational resources, fee calculator and more will be designed when the product is functioning.

Thanks for reading the case study !
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